Retrieving Objects

Picking Up The Trash

Learning Manners

Carrying Based Tasks

  • Move bucket from one location to another, indoors & outdoors
  • Lug a basket of items around the house
  • Transport items downstairs or upstairs to a specific location
  • Carry item(s) from the partner to another family member in another room
  • Send the dog to obtain food or other item from another and return with it.
  • Carry items following a partner doing tasks around the house
  • Carry mail or newspaper into the house
  • Put trash, junk mail into a wastebasket or garbage can
  • Deposit empty soda pop can or plastic bottle into recycling bin
  • Assist partner to load clothing into top loading washing machine
  • Put dirty dishes, including the dog's dishes, into the sink
  • Put silverware, non breakable dishes, plastic glasses in sink
  • Deliver items to "closet" 
  • Deposit dog toys into designated container
  • Put prescription bag, mail, other items on counter top


Greeting Guests

Helping With the Shopping