Retrieving Objects

Picking Up The Trash

Learning Manners

Retrieve Based Tasks

  • Bring portable phone to any room in house
  • Bring in groceries - up to ten canvas bags
  • Unload suitable grocery items from canvas sacks
  • Fetch a beverage from a refrigerator or cupboard
  • Fetch food or water bowl
  • Pick up dropped items like coins, keys etc., in any location
  • Bring clothes, shoes, or slippers laid out to assist with dressing
  • Unload towels, other items from dryer
  • Retrieve purse from hall, desk, dresser or back of van
  • Assist to tidy house or yard - pickup, carry, deposit designated items
  • Fetch basket with medication and/or beverage from cupboard
  • Seek & find teamwork - direct the dog with hand signals, vocal cues to: retrieve an unfamiliar object out of partner's reach, locate TV remote control, select one of several VCR tapes atop TV cabinet, other surfaces
  • Remove VCR tape from machine after eject button pushed
  • Use target stick to retrieve an indicated item off shelves in stores retrieve one pair of shoes from a dozen in closet
  • Use laser pointer to target an item to be retrieved
  • Drag Cane from its customary location to another room
  • Pick up and return cane if falls off back of wheelchair
  • Pickup or fetch Canadian crutches from customary location
  • Drag walker back to partner
  • Fetch wheelchair when out of reach


Greeting Guests

Helping With the Shopping