Retrieving Objects

Picking Up The Trash

Learning Manners

Tug Based Tasks

The tugging action is a useful basis for many Home Helper Hound tasks such as:

  • Open cupboard doors with attached strap
  • Open drawers via strap
  • Open refrigerator door with a strap or suction cup device
  • Open interior doors via a strap with device to turn knob
  • Answer doorbell and open front door with strap attached to lever handle
  • Open or close sliding glass door with a strap or other tug devices
  • Shut restroom door that opens outward via a leash tied to doorknob
  • Shut interior home, office doors that open outward
  • Assist to remove shoes, slippers, sandals
  • Tug socks off without biting down on foot
  • Remove slacks, sweater, coat
  • Drag heavy coat, other items to closet
  • Drag laundry basket through house with a strap
  • Drag bedding to the washing machine
  • Wrestle duffle bag or other objects from the van into the house
  • Pull a drapery cord to open or close drapes
  • Take edge of a blanket and move backwards, tugging to remove it or assist someone to pull the blanket up to their chin if cold
  • Opening cupboard doors by handles 
  • Pulling off gloves and other clothing
  • Opening oven doors
  • Pulling laundry out of dryer 
  • Pulling pans out of the lower cupboards
  • Making the bed 


Greeting Guests

Helping With the Shopping