Retrieving Objects

Picking Up The Trash

Learning Manners

10 Common Tasks to Train

It's extremely unlikely that you can turn your pet into a service dog of the caliber provided by our Service Dog and Assistance Dog programs. But it's very possible that your pet dog can assist you now and then with simple, and even some complex, tasks.

There are six different basics that when taught can make the following tasks much easier for your dog to do and you to teach.  Those basics are Tug, Retrieve, Carry, Target and Alert.  The following tasks are the most used tasks for a Home Helper Hound and for most assistance dogs.

  1. Open and close doors and cupboards
  2. Retrieve keys, drinks, books, and other items
  3. Push buttons on the phone, computer, microwave or car
  4. Go find other family members to deliver messages or items, or to bring them to you
  5. Carry buckets, leashes, brushes, etc.
  6. Wake up family members
  7. Do the laundry

Greeting Guests

Helping With the Shopping