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Learning Manners

Online Learning

Training a dog generally means going to a group class once a week and maybe doing your homework.  Most trainers will tell you to do two or three 15 to 30 minute sessions every day based on what you learned in the weekly group class. Most trainers teach you what to "do" and very few teach you "why" or that there are other ways to teach the same behaviors and help you find the methods that are best suited to you and your dog.

Another way of training your dog consists of several private lessons where it's just you, your dog and the trainer at your home, his facility or a park.  You get more one on one help in the trainers method of choice, but still you rarely find a trainer that is willing to explore various methods with you or tell you why you should even teach that behavior.

With online learning you have options. There are many ways of training a dog, there are even more ways of teaching a dog.  There is a difference and we here at Play Your Way are into teaching much more then training. 

For each "trick" you will teach your dog, you have your choice of several methods.  We will tell you which method we would choose to best facilitate the learning process for that "trick", but ultimately it is up to you.  All you need to do for us is send the final video of a completed trick that is done on cue by the dog.  Unless of course you are having difficulties and then we will assist you based on the method you chose.

Here is a sample of what our level one Home Helper Hound class looks like.  These are just the games we play and not the theory and other lectures that are included.  You'll notice there is something new to do just about every day.  This keeps things from getting boring, each game is simple and easily learned, the games build on each other week by week to create a final behavior rather then trying to do the entire behavior at once.  

Week 1

Day 1: Target Training
Day 2: Teaching Your Shy Dog to "Say Hello"
Day 3: Touch and Go
Day 4: Touch and Hold
Day 5: Stick To The Hand

Week 2

Day 1: What Do I Have To Do To Get That?
Day 2: Are You A Gambler
Day 4: Are You Sure I Said "Break?"
Day 5: Mouse In A Hole
Day 6: Start, Change, Stop

Week 3

Day 1: Tug It
Day 2: Tugging Fool
Day 3: Carry My Leash
Day 4: Don't Let Go
Day 5: Sustained Hand Target
Day 6: Directionals

Week 4

Day 1: Shaping Basics
Day 3: Mimicry and Variations
Day 5: Paws Up And Push
Day 7: Smack It

Week 5

Day 1: Do You See That
Day 3: Do You See That Part II
Day 5: Name That
Day 6: Find Something Similar

Week 6

Day 1: A Line In The Sand
Day 3: Who's Bone Is It
Day 6: Door Chores

Week 7

Day 1: Tuna Tracking
Day 2: Look At That
Day 3: Look Away, Walk Away
Day 4: Follow That Masked Man
Day 5: Moving Positions
Day 6: Dance With Me

Week 8

Day 1: The Eyes Have It
Day 3: Watch That
Day 5: I Missed It
Day 7: One Hand Recall

Greeting Guests

Helping With the Shopping